Who is Lennart?

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Welcome to my website. The goal of this site is to provide an overview of the diverse sides of my life. I have many passions and interests and because of that, also many different roles in society. This site is like my portfolio.

During my studies I became interested in photography. I bought a camera and started shooting. First my direct surroundings and the landscapes surrounding Wageningen. Then events such as the Annual Introduction Days at Wageningen University and sports events by SWU Thymos. Since 2011 I also photograph for the university magazine Resource.

Lately I’ve been getting more and more requests to make portrait photographs and to make photographs of paintings. I enjoy this development and I am learning to master these forms of photography.

In 2011 I organised my first cycling trip in the surroundings of Wageningen. It started with the idea to make a cycling trip through the diverse landscapes around Wageningen with a few friends. When 30 participants showed up, the idea for Exploring Wageningen and Surroundings was born. At this moment I organise six cycling trips per year about land use, nature, cultural history and architecture in and around Wageningen. Examples are the Landscapes of Wageningen cycling trip and the Second World War cycling trip.

I love cooking and eating. It is my daily creative challenge and an important social binding agent in my life. Since 2010 I’ve been writing a recipe blog.

In December 2012 I got married with Iris. Together with our cat we live in a house with a garden full of flowers and delicious fruit and vegetables.

Apart from my work as a photographer and as a guide, I also work with Expat Center Food Valley.