Mac'n cheese

I've heard about it, I have read about it but I had never, ever seen it in real life before: Macaroni and Cheese dinner.As far as I understand, this is the summum bonum of American processed comfort food.  It is for sale at Hoogvliet at the moment so I had to buy it. In case you don't know what this is; this is the food that fed an entire generation. It is easy to make, fills you up and it tastes alright. It is a product of the technological achievements of the past century. This represented modern food, in the 1970s. So... what is it? It is macaroni and something that supposedly resembles cheese. According to the ingredients list, the cheese is made from milk (which you need to add to the powder in the package), butter (also added by you) and a powder that mainly consists of whey powder, salt, sugar, food colouring and flavouring.

It is nothing like macaroni and cheese the way I'd make it. The cheese really isn't cheese after all. Yet, it has a magical attractiveness. The cheesy sauce is fat, sweet and salty and is strangely addicting. Once you start eating, you'll finish your plate before you know it. All in all, it was a nice experience but I won't be making it again.