Grilled green asparagus with marinated chicken thighs and mash

Recently, I got a job with Willem&Drees, a company that sells regionally produced fruit and vegetables to supermarkets and catering companies. One of the great benefits of working for a company that sells fresh food is that you sometimes get to take some food home. On monday I got some green asparagus and potatoes grown by Ronald and Helma Vader. They have a farm in Oude-Tonge which I visited a few times now. Now I had a chance to taste their produce and it is fabulous!

Ingredients: green asparagus (go for a generous portion of at least 6 per person) chicken thighs potatoes olive oil butter cider vinegar salt&pepper thyme

Start by marinating the chicken thighs. In a plastic bag, mix cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme and add the chicken thighs. Press all air out of the bag and tie a knot to close it. Massage the chicken inside the bag for a bit and place it on a plate in the fridge for as long as you've got time (I had 15 minutes, over night would be better).

Peel and slice the potatoes. Cook them in salted water.

Put the grill pan on the biggest, hottest hob of your stove and wait for it to get hot.

Meanwhile, was the asparagus and click off their stalky ends. Pat them dry with a tower or kitchen paper.

Remove the chicken thighs from the bag and pat them dry with kitchen paper. They should be dry otherwise you can't grill them. Rub them with little oil and place them onto the searing hot grill pan. Wait for a few minutes until you can see on the side of the chicken that the heat has penetrated through more than half way. Then turn the chicken around and grill the other side.

Drain the potatoes, add butter, salt and pepper and mash everything together. Put the lid back on the pan and set aside till serving.

Remove the chicken from the grill, place it on a place and cover it with tinfoil. Set aside till serving.

Put the asparagus in the grill pan. Don't use any oil. Wait for a few minutes and then turn. Just keep turning until they're soft and grilled and look right.

Place the asparagus on a plate and sprinkle them with a few drops of cider vinegar (really, a few drops, no more), olive oil, salt and pepper and you're ready to serve.