Stuffed portobello with pommes duchesse and caramelised carrots.

My parents came over for dinner for Iris' birthday. That is the kind of occasion when I try to make something impressive. For starters split pea soup. For the main course a portobello stuffed with crème fraîche and almonds, pommes duchesse from potato and celeriac and carrots caramelised with balsamic vinegar.

Ingredients: 4 portobello mushrooms 100 g crème fraîche 100 g almonds pinch of salt pinch of pepper 3 drops of Worcestershire sauce

200 g potato 200 g celeriac 50 g gruyere 20 g butter

500 g carrots 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon sugar 1 small hand fresh corriander

For the stuffed portobellos, grind the almonds in a blender, mix them through the crème fraîche and flavour with salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Cut the stalks out of the portobellos and scoop the almond mixture in. Place the portobellos in a greased oven proof dish. Pre-heat the oven at 220C. Bake for half an hour (together with the pommel duchesse).

For the pommel duchesse, peel and dice the potatoes and the celeriac. Boil them with little water and a pinch of salt. Meanwhile, grate the gruyere. Drain the potatoes and celeriac and mash them, together with gruyere and butter, salt and pepper to form a thick paste. You need to mash them really well because otherwise the bits left will block the piping bag. Put baking parchment on an oven tray and pipe little mountains of mash onto it. Pre-heat the oven at 220C and bake (together with the portobellos) for half an hour.

For the carrots, heat little oil in a wok, add the carrots, sugar and balsamic vinegar, put a lid on top and cook for 10 minutes. Then remove the lid and turn up the heat. Stir gently until almost all liquid has evaporated. Chop or tear up the coriander roughly and place it in a dish. Scoop the caramelised carrots on top of the coriander and mix together.