I don't remember the recipes!

Cooking something new every day is a challenge for me that I enjoy very much. Writing about it, although fun, sometimes gets seconds, third or fourth place and as a result of that, I don't write down all recipes of what I cook. Now I've got some photographs of food that I made, of which I remember that it tasted really good, but of which I can't remember exactly how I made it. I want to share the photos with you anyway.

I remember how to make the tomato salad: finely slice an onion. Sprinkle some salt and vinegar over it and pinch it together. Put it aside to rest for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, dice the tomatoes and the sun dried tomatoes and finely chop some mint. Mix it all together and add some olive oil.

The pie was something with chard, dried tomatoes, goats cheese, feta, eggs, Turkish yoghurt and puff pastry.

Inspired by Marjanne's holiday pictures, I made a recipe with beef meatballs wrapped in cabbage and cooked in stock with tomato paste. The meatballs contain crumbled bread, pine nuts, fresh herbs from my garden (parsley?) and an egg.