Surinamese pie


I remember making a Surinamese pie a few years ago. When Laura was coming over for dinner two weeks ago, I thought it would be nice to make it again. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the recipe anymore so I had to improvise and create something from my memory. I think it turned out really nice!

Ingredients 400 g pork meat for stewing 200 g frozen peas 200 g carrots (I tried to buy a bag of frozen, mixed peas and carrots but couldn't find it so I bought fresh carrots) 250 g puff pastry 3 eggs 2 tablespoons soy sauce a few drops of Salsa de Aji indio bravo (or a pinch of dried chilli powder) 1 teaspoon of ground cumin seeds 1 teaspoon of ground coriander seeds 7 g tomato paste 1 teaspoon ketchup 1 teaspoon vinegar 300 ml stock (from a cube) 1 tablespoon of couscous

Marinade the meat with the soy sauce, Salsa de Aji, cumin, coriander, tomato paste, ketchup and vinegar. Let it rest for a few hours, preferably over night or all day.

Turn the oven on at 180C. Place the meat with the marinade in a pot. Add the stock and place the pot, with a lid on top, in the oven. Turn the meat every 30 minutes. After 1.5 hours the meat ought to be tender. Remove it from the pot and dice it.

Boil 3 eggs for 5 minutes, then plunge them in cold water. Peal them.

Clean and slice the carrots. Blanche them for a few minutes. Then add the frozen peas to defrost them. Drain as soon as the peas are warm.

Grease a tall oven dish with butter or oil. Cover the sides with puff pastry. Sprinkle some couscous over the pastry. This will adsorb some of the liquids and makes sure that the crust becomes crisp rather than soggy. Scoop in the peas and carrots and place the eggs on top of them. Take a little bit of the cooking liquid of the meat and pour it into the pie. Layer the meat on top and cover the pie up with puff pastry. Brush the pastry with egg, water or oil. Place in an oven pre-heated at 220C until the puff pastry is golden brown and crisp.