Rusk with strawberries

Being Dutch, to me this is the most common way to eat strawberries. So common that I thought it wouldn't be worth posting this on my blog. When I found out that rusk, or beschuit as it is called in Dutch, is uncommon to eat elsewhere, I realised that this is something special indeed. Therefore I now write. Rusk is a bread replacement made from wheat, eggs, yeast, and salt. It is similar to bread but it is baked twice. This makes it dry and crispy. It is very suitable for long term storage which is why rusk was commonly used as food on ships in the 17th century when storing food was much harder than it is today.

How to make this Dutch delicatesse? Simply wash and cut some strawberries, place them on top of a rusk and sprinkle with some sugar, sugar with caramel in this case. The crispy texture of rusk makes for the perfectly contrasting combination with sweet, juicy strawberries. Omnomnomn!