Frankfurter sausage diet scam salad

Inspired by this hilarious diet scam I wanted to eat frankfurters. I just love the combination of frankfurters with salad and roastinis. So this is how I make it. Ingredients 1 can of frankfurter sausages 4-6 hands of salad leafs 5 tomatoes 1 cucumber 1 carrot 1 ball of mozzarella tomato and basil flavoured vinegar (or any tasty vinegar you've got) olive oil salt & pepper 300g gnocci 3-4 tablespoons groundnut oil

Grate the carrot and the cucumber. Squeeze some of the juice out otherwise it will dilute the flavour of the dressing. Dice the tomatoes and add those to the carrot and cucumber.

Meanwile, heat the groundnut oil in a frying pan. Once the oil is hot, bake the gnocci to make the 'roastini'. Turn each gnocci individually to make sure they go crispy and golden brown on all sides. They should look like this when they are ready: Put the frankfurters and the liquid from their can in a pan and bring it almost to the boil. Turn of the heat and keep the lid on the pan until serving.

Make a dressing with the vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Tear up the salad leafs and the mozzarella and add those to the salad. Mix it together with the dressing.

To serve, put the salad and the frankfurters on a plate. Serve the roastini in a separate bowl so they don't soak up the dressing and stay crisp. If you want, you can stir the roastini through the salad as well. Then they'll go slightly soggy and soak up the dressing which gives them a different flavour.