Rhubarb liqueur

How did I spend my lazy sunday afternoon last weekend? I made a bottle of this pink/reddish rotgut. It turned out a tiny little bit too sweet as I didn't weigh the sugar but simply poured it from the jar into the pan and a big lump of sugar fell into the syrup, but apart from it's tooth enamel shattering qualities it is quite pleasant to drink.

Ingredients: leftover rhubarb compote (1 kg rhubarb, 200 g unrefined sugar and juice of 1 orange simmered until the rhubarb is soft) too much sugar big splash of vodka a soupçon of vanilla extract a soupçon of red food dye 1 sterilised bottle 1 sterilised funnel

Bring the rhubarb compote to the boil and add sugar to taste or by accident and simmer it until the rhubarb has lost all it's structure. Pour the rhubarb through a sieve into another pan and use a spoon to push as much liquid through the sieve as possible. Bring the liquid to the boil again to sterilise it. Pour the liquid into the bottle using the funnel. Add vodka, vanilla extract and food dye. Close the bottle and give it a shake. Cool the liqueur before tasting.