spinach and pea pasta

I'm cooking with leftovers, again. I still had a tiny bit of spinach from our allotment and I bought spring onions which I forgot to use when I made the samphire salad. Two green things so I thought it would be nice to add something green to it: peas. I added farfalle, smoked bacon and cottage cheese to make a kind of warm salad dressed with olive oil and cider vinegar.

Ingredients: All mentioned above. Maybe add some black pepper and thyme.

Bring a pan of water to the boil.

Wash the spinach three times then chop the spring onions.

Boil the pasta. Wait a couple of minutes before you put a wok or frying pan on the fire and bake the diced bacon. Add the frozen peas to the pan with pasta.  Once the bacon goes crispy, add the spring onion and fry for another minute. Add the spinach to the wok and stir it until it has wilted. If the pasta and peas are not ready yet, take the wok from the heat and pour it's contents in a cold bowl. Stir in the cottage cheese.

When the pasta is ready, drain it, put it back in the pan and add the spinach mixture. Add olive oil, cider vinegar, pepper and herbs and stir it until everything is mixed nicely together.