Samphire salad

I recently discovered that Albert Heijn in Bennekom sells really cool foods. They've got cassava, fresh ginger, madame jeanette, sweet potato, plantain and yesterday I found samphire! I was so excited because I had never seen nor tasted it. Fortunately, it came with cooking instructions: stir fry for 1 minute.

I had no recipe for, nor experience with preparing samphire so I decided to make a simple salad and just add the samphire to it. Not only did it turn out looking great, it tasted wonderful too!

Ingredients: 150g samphire 150g lettuce (from our back yard) 1 Fiji apple 1 buffalo mozzarella 10 cherry tomatoes 1 splash of cider vinegar 3 splashes of olive oil 1 pinch of black pepper

Dice the apple and halve the tomatoes. Wash and dry the lettuce. Make a dressing with the vinegar, oil and black pepper and pour it over the apple and tomatoes.

Rinse the samphire, then stir fry it for one minute. Add the samphire and the lettuce to the apple and tomatoes. Tear the mozzarella in pieces and mix it through the salad.

Serve with toasted bread.