Lentils with spinach and cottage cheese

This food was so tasty that I couldn't contain myself. Only after eating a third of it, I could get myself to stop eating and take a picture. Yet another dish that was created out of necessity to use certain ingredients. We harvested spinach from the garden and I promised Iris to cook more with lentils. Who knew it would be such a good combination?

Ingredients: lentils 1 stock cube 1 tablespoon soy sauce spinach cottage cheese crunchy chicken (that tastes more like pork)

Wash the lentils, then boil them in plenty water with the stock cube and soy sauce. Wash the spinach. Wash it again. Wash it once more and you'll probably want to wash it again. Set it apart. Bake the crunchy chicken thing in butter (don't even try baking it in oil, it will taste even worse). When the lentils are almost done, stir fry the spinach until soft (3 minutes at most) Drain the lentils, stir in the spinach and cottage cheese. Serve with the crunchy chicken thing.